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OMAX - Waterjet Cutting Technology Leader


OMAX is the global leader in abrasive waterjet systems. Each JetMachining; system is powered by the company's innovative control software, bringing affordable abrasivejet technology to a diverse group of industries.With 20 years of developing OMAX waterjet machines, we are the only fully integrated abrasive waterjet company that designs and produces its own machine controller, software, pump, and tables.

Featured Product: Rotary Axis
The Rotary Axis is a robust, waterproof rotary head that allows the abrasive waterjet to cut 6-axis paths to create complex 3D shapes. Constant rotational control allows for continuous cutting around a shape. Precision rotations offer accurate cutting of multi-faceted shapes and other geometric-shaped materials. The Rotary Axis can be mounted on any OMAX JetMachining® Center, significantly expanding the cutting capabilities.


October 27-29, 2016


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